About Quantum

Build Smarter,
Build Sustainably,
Build to Last

Our Mission

We offer a pioneering new approach to the design and manufacture of products for infrastructure and construction.

We are an agile and innovative organisation committed to truly impacting the environment in a positive manner by using the latest technology to build better. Based in Leicestershire, we provide an unrivalled approach to the design and manufacture of products for infrastructure.

Our Mission

To use revolutionary techniques for the creation of carbon negative infrastructure that will impact communities positively for future generations


Our Values

We believe in different, we believe businesses can build better and do better for the environment.

Innovative Infrastructure
Our Values


Innovation is at the core of our values. We use modern methods of construction (MMC) and offsite manufacturing (OSM) to deliver cost competitive, world class products.

  • We use our unrivalled experience to find workable and scalable solutions.
  • Providing a reduced lead-time and onsite construction.
  • A more robust and productive solution to construction & infrastructure.
Environmental Impact
Our Values


We know the time is now to make an impact on our environment. Outdated methods of construction have contributed to the current environmental breakdown.

  • Through our innovative approach we intend to influence the next generation of infrastructure and construction and the people who work in it.
  • Create a range of products to positively impact the environment for now and future generations.
  • Make data driven eco-friendly decisions from our digitalised monitoring systems.
Improving infrastructure and people
Our Values


We love what we do and we’re constantly trying to improve our techniques and processes to make the most eco-friendly infrastructure components possible.

  • Working with trusted partners who are the leaders in their field.
  • Pushing what is possible with the latest technology.
  • Utilising proven continuous improvement techniques to develop our products and people.
In tune with the people we collaborate with
Our Values

In Tune

We are in tune with environmental issues and believe in fair trade investment in the future of both the people we work with and the world around us.

  • We want to make positive contributions to our environment.
  • We use sustainable materials and methodologies.
  • Our key ethos is built around the repurpose and reuse of everything we manufacture.
Let's work together
We impact tomorrow, today

Quantum Infrastructure was established to provide an unrivalled new approach to the design and manufacture of products for infrastructure.

Please get in touch to see how we can use modern methods of manufacturing to improve your products.