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Rail Lineside Wrap Utility Building

  • Improve the service life and environmental credentials of existing rail buildings with modular 'building armour'.
  • Quicker installation, cheaper cost and low-carbon usage.
The Challenge

A historical lack of investment and limited maintenance means 50% of the UK's Rail Lineside Buildings are not fit for purpose, in poor condition, wasting heat and money. As critical infrastructure, a cost effective and eco-friendly solution is sought for their refurbishment or replacement.

Quantum Eco

Helping to breathe new life into rail lineside buildings

Failing Critical Use Buildings
  • There are 18,000 lineside buildings (LSB) on the British Rail network - over half of which are classed as being in a poor condition.
  • 50% of all LSB's are critical to the daily operation of the rail service.
  • At least 25% of the critical LSB's require urgent attention to improve performance and safety whilst minimising environmental impact.
  • Failure of the critical buildings can result in disruption to the train service, and in some cases danger to life.
Energy & Safety
  • In many cases the kit housed in the buildings needs to be kept at an ambient temperature leading to frequent heating or cooling being very financially and environmentally inefficient.
  • Existing buildings are no longer fit for purpose with no means to reduce this energy consumption.
  • There is a disparity between the remaining life of the housed kit and the building.
  • The current approach of retrofitting existing buildings lacks the certainty that the investment would provide value for money or meet environmental targets.
Lack of Finance
  • Large numbers of buildings are needing either refurbishing, rebuilding or replacing and the high cost of doing so presents a major challenge.
  • Annual base cost to standstill at best (current approaches & costs are not seeing any improvement).
  • Prohibitive cost of a traditional new-build replacement of a dilapidated lineside building is circa £2,000,000.
Difficult Timescales
  • A recent incident, causing a life-changing injury and fire, due to a damp environment has led to a £700k fine, adding focus and urgency to the need for an effective solution.
  • The governments target is to reduce by half the number in poor condition by 2029.
  • This means 160 lineside buildings need refurbishing every year.
  • The current norm for pre-construction activities from point of order to acceptance is about 18 to 24 months.

Quantum Eco's
Rail Lineside Wrap

Rail Lineside Wrap


Quick to assemble
Quick to assemble

Offsite manufacture of modular systems. Easy to deliver and can be assembled onsite within 3 days.

Faster Procurement
Faster Procurement

Time from order to delivery reduced from 24 to 3 months - an 87% improvement.

No Disruption
No Disruption

'Plug & Play' for a safer building process. Reduced need for access, possession or disruption to line.

Carbon / eco friendly
Carbon / eco friendly

Low carbon footprint and greater through life properties. Thermo efficient with EPC Rating B.

Recycle & Reuse
Recycle & Reuse

Easy to deconstruct, systems can be added to at any time, recycled or repurposed.

Improved Safety
Improved Safety

Includes fireproof insulation, moisture protection & secure live remote condition monitoring.

Less Maintenance
Less Maintenance

Accurate maintenance scheduling helps prevent over-running and impact on timetables

Value for Money
Value for Money

CAPEX / OPEX (very cheap in contrast and very quick ROI) with faster repair process.

Real World Eco-friendly Infrastructure Solutions for Network Rail

Quantum has worked closely with Network Rail to develop this great modular design which clearly demonstrates the financial and environmental efficiencies of aligning modern methods of work across construction and manufacturing. This partnership shows our commitment to an efficient, low emission driven future.

Our Rail Lineside Wrap prototype has been successfully installed for Network Rail at a location in Scotland with many more planned.

We continue to collate results and currently we are happy to report:

  • A 92% reduction in build cost from £2m to £150k per site is achieved through multiple changes to the traditional approach.
  • 3 day installation by a team of 4 people.
  • No disruption to railway usage as no possessions required.
  • A stable ambient temperature was achieved after the rail lineside wrap was installed.
  • Grade B EPC building performance.

Data capture is ongoing with results to be updated in Q2 2022.

"Quantum’s componentised system achieves the golden triangle of cost savings, fewer emissions and reduced safety risks."
Ross Chipperfield

Ross Chipperfield
Quantum Eco

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